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Greg Nice

Born:   May 30, 1967
Place of Birth:   The Bronx, NY
Zodiac Sign:  Gemini

Nice & Smooth is an East Coast hip hop duo from New York City that consists of Gregory O. "Greg Nice" Mays (born May 30, 1967) and Darryl O. "Smooth B" Barnes (born August 1, 1966) plus their deejay Tedd "DJ Teddy Tedd" Whiting. The duo released four albums between 1989 and 1997. Their first collaborative appearance was on the single "Dope on a Rope"/"Skill Trade" on Strange Family Records in 1987. On the strength of that underground single they managed a guest spot on the song "Pimpin Ain't Easy" by Big Daddy Kane on his 1989 album It's a Big Daddy Thing.

Greg Nice spent the majority of his time at Death Row with 2Pac and Tha Outlawz where he was able to witness Pac's "amazing work ethic." He went as far as to call Pac a 'mad man' for the how much he worked. Many attribute Pac foreshadowing his death to work ethic, something Greg Nice was unwilling to commit to. In addition to his Pac and Death Row stories, Greg Nice also expanded on Ky-Mani Marley's comparison of Pac to his father Bob Marley, championing the social impact of Pac's music. Greg Nice spoke about his relationship to the late Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest and the sad trend of rappers dying in their 40s. Source.

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