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Jeffrey D. Sams

Born:   June 18, 1968
Place of Birth:    Cincinnati, OH
Zodiac Sign:  Gemini

Jeffrey D. Sams is an actor known for his television work.

Sams has been a main cast member of several television series, few of which have made it past their first season. These include Medicine Ball, Sleepwalkers, Rob Thomas's Cupid, Wasteland, and Line of Fire.

Sams has had recurring roles on television series such as Strong Medicine, Law & Order, and CSI. He appeared on Broadway in the 1992 musical Five Guys Named Moe, the 1993 motion picture Fly By Night, and in the 1997 motion picture Soul Food.

He also provided the English voice of Amazigh/Barbaroi in the mech action game Armored Core 4. Sams also appeared in the Netflix film Reality High. Source.

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