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Born:     May 31, 1993
Place of Birth:    Dallas, TX
Died:   November 11, 2020

Zodiac Sign:  Gemini

Mo3 is a singer-songwriter who became one of the most popular rappers in Dallas following the release of his album Shottaz Reloaded. He's had success from his hit "Hold Ya Tongue," which accumulated over one million hits on YouTube as well as his song "All The Way Down," which landed on 97.9 The Beat. 

He opened for rapper Boosie who later cosigned him and made his career take off.

Noble was shot and killed on November 11, 2020 at the age of 28. While being pursued by another vehicle as he was driving on Interstate 35 in Dallas, he stopped the car infront of a semi on the center lane and proceeded to the pass side of his car to recover what is believed to be a weapon but before he was able to an unidentified gunman shot him multiple times with an assault rifle.

2 suspects were arrested for his murder, the gunman Kewon Dontrell White on December 9, 2020, and Devin Maurice Brown on April 23, 2021. Noble was the father of three children. Source.

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