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Shaun T

Born:     May 2, 1978
Birthplace:   Camden, NJ
Zodiac Sign:  Taurus

Shaun Thompson is an American motivational speaker, fitness trainer, fitness motivator, businessman, television personality and choreographer. He is best known for his home fitness programs for adults and children which include T25, Insanity and Hip-Hop Abs.

He began his professional life as a health and fitness specialist. He also became a personal trainer and health program manager at Wyeth and also worked at a number of fitness chains, including Equinox Fitness. Thompson began dancing in college, at 21 years old. He was required to teach an aerobics class which was part of his Sports Science degree and then became an aerobics instructor. After graduating from Rowan University, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a choreographer, dancer and trainer. Whilst in L.A., he received his first professional job as a dancer, which was for American pop star Mariah Carey. Thompson was teaching fitness classes at Equinox Fitness where he was approached by Beachbody whom asked him to submit a demo for a workout video.

Thompson was born in Camden, New Jersey, but was raised by his grandparents in Deptford Township, New Jersey, where he enjoyed football, baseball and running track as a student at Deptford Township High School. He received a bachelor's degree in sports science from Rowan University where he also minored in theatre and dance. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. After gaining 50 pounds in his freshman year of college, Thompson became interested in fitness and changed his course of study. 

Thompson has been openly gay since coming out via Twitter in October 2012. Source.

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