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Tyrone Magnus

Born:     June 14, 1977
Place of Birth:    NJ
Zodiac Sign:  Gemini

Tyrone Crawley is an American actor, YouTuber, producer, writer and director. He rose to Internet popularity for his reaction videos, which are notable for his high-energy persona.

He began his career in sales for eight years before starting his acting career and YouTube channel. His YouTube channel originally started out as a wrestling talk show, where he talks about his love for wrestlers but then evolved into a reaction-based channel after fans sent him Man of Steel trailers to review, which then evolved into reacting to and reviewing trailers and later videos of all kinds such as Try Not To Laugh and Vine Compilations. In May 2018, the channel surpassed the milestone of 1.3 million subscribers.

In 2015, he got his first acting role, as General Tamanegi in the fan-made series Dragon Ball Absalon.  Source.

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